Lets Cook2gether...Bringing Kids into the Kitchen.

Calling all aspiring kid chefs: join Lynn in the kitchen where we'll explore the culinary world through our taste buds and other senses. We'll cover a variety of cooking experiences during each class.


                                            Who is Chef Lynn Cooking For?:
  Cooking clubs, birthday parties, after school classes, any child that wants to cook.... Join the fun! 

                                                    Class Theme Ideas:
                                                                 - After school snacks
                                                              - Outside the "lunch" box
                                                             - Writing your own recipe 
                                                                       - Snack basket 

                                     Chef Lynn has many ideas to put together a great                                                                                       class for your young chef.

                                                                     Each Class:
                                         - A discussion about kitchen safety and rules.
                                          - Recipes are age appropriate and nutritious.
                                          Tasting a new food is always encouraged.
                                                     - Food related activity to enjoy
                                                            - Teamwork is fostered. 

     It's a Known Fact?:
***When kids create the food they're about to eat, they're more likely to eat something new.

**They'll make better food choices later on.

**Self-esteem and self-confidence are built; mathematical skills challenged and co-operation and team work bring everyone together.

" Cooking is such a wonderful gift that we can give our children. 
Not only do you pass on family traditions and teach them life long skills but you get to spend quality time and find out what's been going on in their lives. I can't think of a better way to get them  involved and making dinner time extra special. "
                               Chef Lynn
Food brings people together!!
The Personable Chef Lynn

It's never to early or to late to invite your kids into the kitchen. Give it a try, they just might surprise you!!