Lets Cook2gether...Bringing Kids into the Kitchen: 
                    Children's Cooking Classes Taught in Your Own Home!

 AGES: (5 to 7) or (7 to 10) (11 to teen)
(As skill levels are different at these ages, I need more advance notice to plan and prepare combined ages.) 

CLASS SIZE: Typical class size not to exceed 10, 
but with advance notice I am able to accommodate up to 15 with my trusted assistant by my side.
              (Please keep in mind your kitchen/table space when planning on how many to invite.)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: 2 hour class to include an activity to break the ice, kitchen safety and rules read, recipe reading, demonstration, learn to clean as we go, prepare recipe. Eat!

PRICE: $250.00 for the first 4 children
$25.00 for additional children 

                                              Lets Cook2gether Menu Ideas:
            My recipe ideas are many and put together with healthy and delicious ingredients in mind. 
                                               Many are my own created and written recipes!

                                                           Younger Chefs
                                                  - Fresh salsa with homemade baked tortilla chips 
                                                - Fruit and homemade granola parfait 
                                                           - Oatmeal banana muffins
                                                      - Make your own smoothie recipe
                                                                   - Pita bread pizzas 

                                                               Older Chefs
                                                                        - Granola bars 
                                                                 - Cheesy artichoke cups 
                                                             - Create your own paninni 
                                                    - After school snacks I can make myself 

                      Teens typically have ideas that they would like to create 
                         with this in mind I will happily speak with them to get the ball rolling 
                               and then create a class specifically with their interests in mind.

                             Get your kids involved in the The Personable Chef cooking classes and lets get cooking! 

415.521 8325

Classes in the community- TBA.
The Personable Chef Lynn