All menu's created to clients needs and wants

                       Be Your Own Guest...and let Chef Lynn do the rest.

 A menu just for you, upscale or cozy, vegetarian ,gluten free, other dietietary restrictions or any where in between. 
                                                           I have a menu just for you.
Sauteed pears with shallots topped crostini- sweet pears and tangy shallots on top of crispy garlic infused bread slices ,makes every bite an enjoyable one.

Starter for dinnerPeppery arugula tossed with curls of pecerino romano and tossed with a white balsamic vinaigrette
Main entree with 2 sides: Seared tender chicken breasts topped with an apricot and tarragon sauce served with sauteed baby spinach
and almond cous cous
Dessert: dark chocolate brownies served with roasted red grapes and a honey yogurt sauce
endive spears topped with tender roast beef and creamy blue cheese
crostini with tangy/salty olive tapende spread
Starter for dinner: Carrot,coconut and ginger soup topped with lemon coriander croutons
Main entree with 2 sides: Seafood Paella ,sweet fennel, tangy tomatoes with shrimp and scallops served with cous cous accompanied by roasted broccolini
Dessert: Dark chocolate mousse served with fresh seasonal berries
.               Appetizers: 
Spinach and brie topped artichoke hearts -earthy artichoke hearts topped with sauteed baby spinach leaves and creamy brie

Smoked salmon crositni - crisp breads topped with a classic dill spread and a draped piece of smoked salmon

Starter for dinner: Cucumber rounds tossed with a lightly seasoned vinaigrette and topped with crunchy pepitas

Main entree with 2 sides: Grilled beef tenderloin served with a tomato balsamic reduction accompanied by baby roasted potatoes
and tender zucchini rounds

Dessert: Lemon mousse served with tender butter cookies (light, refreshing)
Extra ideas.....

- Pears with blue cheese and prosciutto
- Salami crisps with a creamy basil topping
- Fingerling potatoes with aioli and roasted olives 
-Classic shrimp cocktail shots
- cucumber rolls - sweet bell peppers, avocado and lettuce, fresh light

- Sauted shallots, toasted almonds over baby mixed greens
- Fresh tomatoes, goat cheese and crispy pancetta 
- Fresh pear, arugula and goat cheese salad

Extra ideas.......

-- Pork milanese with a creamy lemon/basil drizzle
- Orzo stuffed portobello mushrooms with fresh tomatoes and asiago cheese
- Seared ahi  tuna with a fresh nectarine and jalapeno salsa
- roasted chicken with the traditional fixings 

- Chocolate paninni with strawberries
- Poached pears with vanilla drizzle
- Sauted bananas with caramel sauce
- Berry tiramisu 
- various seasonal berry tarts
- roasted apples with a caramel dipping sauce 
- My famous rustic apple tart

Many more menu ideas as the evening is completely tailored to your needs! 

The Personable Chef Lynn