Hello! I'm Chef Lynn Samuels,     The Personable Chef. 

                                                       "Here's to Health and Wellness
                                                               thru Great Food."
                                                                               Chef Lynn

Dealing with my own health issues has given me a great challenge to cook delicious healthy food for my family. Putting together creative meals has been lots of fun. I love what I do and its reflected in the delicious food I create..... I cook with passion, commitment and a lot of love.

My  beginnings........

My enjoyment of great food and love of creating delicious meals has taken me on a wonderful journey. I've cooked for all types of occasions and functions, from family gatherings to catering small events. Working with kids is very inspiring and a wonderful gift that I enjoy even more each time I'm in the kitchen with them.

I'm always ready to try out a new recipe but especially love to create my own. 

As I started to write my own cookbook and compile all the wonderful recipes I've created, I thought more and more about cooking for others. With some research and determination, my business was born. 

Through on going recipe testing, frequent cooking classes, and continuous research, I've achieved many goals. I've graduated from the Culinary Business Academy (CBA) and am now a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).

                                                     " Keeping up with all the changes in the culinary world is exciting 
                                                                            and I look forward to any and all challenges. "
                                                                                                             Chef Lynn

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The Personable Chef Lynn

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