These a a few Personable Chef Menu ideas for a great delicious dinner   with so many more choices!
- Wild mushroom lasagna with a creamy thyme sauce

-Chicken piccata with roasted tomatoes and rice pilaf

-Garlic orange chicken and broccoli with steamed
brown rice

- Vegetable samomas served with a mango chutney and tangy cucumber salad

-Seared ahi  tuna served with a fresh mango salsa, accompanied by roasted asparagus

- Parmesan chicken with green beans and shallots.

- Shrimp scampi with linguine and roasted tomatoes.

- Peppered salmon with a caper tomato sauce and    wild rice pilaf.

- Roasted vegetable soup with garlic croutons.

- Spinach stuffed lasagna ruffles, with spring mix salad and a lemony vinegarette.

- Grilled tuna salad with pinenut cous cous.

- Fillet mignon topped with a balsamic syrup and an arugula salad with shaved parmesan.

- Spinach ravioli's with a creamy white sauce and marinated tomato salad.

- Mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese fritata, with salad greens and a honey mustard dressing. 

                               Kid Friendly Recipes the whole family will enjoy!

                           - Pita bread pizzas served with a crisp green salad with a creamy dressing.

                              - Spinach and ricotta cheese lasagna served with a broccoli coleslaw.

                               - Chicken breast roll ups served with steamed herb green beans

                         - Penne pasta with sausage bites served with seasonal fresh vegetables.

              - Pork milanese with a creamy caper sauce served with roasted baby potatoes and carrots

        - Enchasagna- my own created delicious recipe with Mexican inspired flavors..think lasgna style

    I love to create food from
          all over the world

         My specialties are...

           French country
     Healthy comfort foods
   Wine country inspired from
        Sonoma and Napa 
       in Northern California.

     Always preparing healthy 
        delicious foods for      
           you to enjoy.

   Many are my own written     
 Once we have gone over my extensive food questionnaire , I'm able to customize a menu especially for you. Designed with your special needs in mind. 

This allows me the freedom to get creative with food flavors, textures and variety.

Creating a yummy dinner experince for you.

The Personable Chef Lynn