Personal Chef Service Breakdown: 
As all my clients are individuals, having their own needs and wants where food is concerned, frequency of cook dates and when I'm needed in your home will vary from client to client. When you make a decision, it will be based on your lifestyle and food needs.

Prices vary according to your food preferences and the number of meals prepared at one cook date. 

                        Details on Home Service Include: 

- An in home visit where we'll fill out a food questionnaire to determine your food preferences, allergies, etc.. 

- Menu planning by me, your The Personable Chef, that you'll approve prior to cook date. 

- I'll shop for top quality and fresh groceries, prepare the meals in your home kitchen and then clean up afterwards.

- Containers to the entrees, packaging of all foods and labeling with easy-to-follow reheating instructions. (If you prefer to use non-disposable containers, I can shop for permanent storage containers {such as Pyrex} in the sizes you'll need and add the cost to your service invoice). 

- A menu to post on the refrigerator that will include all the yummy entrees prepared. 

                            How are the Meals Stored?: 

The meals I create are freshly prepared and then either frozen or refrigerated. You just need to heat it up and in no time, dinner is on the table. (To have a frozen meal ready in a short amount of time, it's a good idea to take it out the night before so that it can defrost.)

                   How long do these Prepared Meals Last?: 

- In the refrigerator, the meals are usually good for 2-3 days, depending on the ingredients. Most freezer items are good for up to 3 months. 

                   More in Your Kitchen Cooking Services: 

A Little Kitchen Help:
- Perhaps you would like to cook but don't want all the prep time. Let me, The Personable Chef get that great meal started. Marinating meat, getting skewers ready for the barbeque, a side dish waiting with all the ingredients or vegetables washed and cut up. Let me help get dinner on the table faster.

Gift Certificates:
An all occasion idea. Birthday or anniversary gift or
perhaps a new mom, someone recovering at home or just a reason not to cook. 

Private Chef:  I will happily take care of your food needs on a day to day bases as well. Being part of your 
home life. Dinner to be ready for you to eat as worked out in initial interview.

Caterer: taking care of your larger party needs. 
Extensive menu to  choose from , as all food is tailored
to your needs.
Can supply equipment with enough notice.
Prices determined after initial conversation and menu created.

In home Cooking classes for both adults and children. 
Private lessons for cooks at all stages .

"My goal is to bring people back to their dinner tables!
Such a great way to re-connect and share your day."
                          Chef Lynn

      A Personal Chef is an affordable way to get wonderful         meals on the table. 

    Saves you time with...

Planning a menu
Shopping for all ingredients
Prep and preparing foods...
Kitchen clean up.
No more throwing away food that was purchased with good intentions.
Easy to re-heat meals with full instructions are ready when you want to eat.

As a Personal Chef I work for more than one family and come into your home as you need me cooking multiple meals. 
The more meals I prepare the more economical for you.
Call or email me and I'll be happy to give you a quote for
your individual needs.
Here's to Health and Wellness thur Great Food
The Personable Chef Lynn
             April 21st 2017 Derek and Lindsay Padilla

"Let me just say from the start that the food is fantastic. 
Chef Lynn was very professional asking all the right 
questions over email and the phone. 
She and her husband arrive on time and went straight 
to work in our kitchen. 
Our house smelled wonderfully as they prepped and cooked. 
Once the cooking was finished, they clean up EVERYTHING. 
I think our kitchen was cleaner after they left than when they arrived! 
The way she organized our menu, with clear instructions, was fantastic. Each dish was placed in the fridge with 
accompanying plates and labels for easy finding. 
The entire experience was worth while. 
We can't recommend Chef Lynn enough!"

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